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Why dokspace?

construction is teamwork

Effective collaboration between owner, planner and professionists is at the center of our solution. In a construction project countless plans, contracts, protocols, invoices and many more documents are eschanged between stakeholders. Our unique approach and the exact referencing of data objects is key for creating a trustworthy and reliable work environment.

modular, flexible and reliable

Our solution adapts to your needs and not the other way round. You just use those features you absolutely need. You have a well established project structure? We implement it on your platform. Take advantage of our vast experience in the construction industry.

SaaS or your own server?

With dokspace you can decide where your data is stored. We offer full flexiblity on the underlying IT infrastructure. From a rented single platform (=Software as a Service) up to a server of your own at your IT service provider or within your company network. From a single construction project up to a vast real estate portfolio.

dokspace explained

construction projects generate huge amounts of communication and data exchange and therefore need a lot of coordination between various stakeholders. Doesn’t is sound all to familiar? It’s the most intense phase of your projects. You seem to drown in escalating email exchanges. Communication becomes ineffective and also partly intransparent. Conflicts and additional costs are oftentimes the undesired result.

The path to your dokspace solution

dokspace platforms are not uniform but tailored to your needs!

individual and tailor-made

Therefore it is essential for us to understand your needs, how you approach your project and how you intend to cooperate with your project partners. Only then will any webbased collaboration solution be able to fully support your processes. No matter if your apporach is more strict or easier, our solution can be configured either way.

The time you will invest in one or two configuration workshops will pay off during the course of the project, as there will be common structures and processes that will simplify the coordination between various mostly external project participants.

When does it make sense to use dokspace?

Simply put in every phase of a construcion or development project, even on short notice. It does not matter if you only just started to initiate a project or if planning or construction have already started. dokspace offers moduls and functionality for every phase of your project.

  • Analysis & planning

    Before your project platform goes live our experts will configure the essential parameters with you. You can use preconfigured folder structures or we will optimize and implement your established folder structure.

  • Set-Up of the platforms document structure

    First we evaluate your project. With this evaluation as foundation we set-up folder-structures, features, user-groups and permissions.

    A very important part of the set-up process is, that you will be granted a trial-phase within which you have the cance to get comfortable with the settings of your new platform and to make some final adjustments, if necessary.

  • Usage of your dokspace-platform

    At last every single one of your users gets a personalised User-Account on your Plattform.
    We operate according to concurrent users on a platform under the Fair-Use principle.
    We don’t want to see the amount of User-accounts on a platform to become a limiting factor.  Only if every user has their own personal account, transparency and liability can be given.

Interested in a tour through the many possibilities of a dokspace-platform?


selected projects

dokspace solutions are and have been used in more than 300 Construction- and Real-Estate-projects for over 6 years. Here it is our experience from many different trades, that we use to help our clients successfully handle every project.

We offer our vast set of skills and services to a even so vast set of clients. May they be Projects for a Industrial-building, to Hotels, Education-centers, Hospitals or private owned Housing Buildings.

dokspace-platforms can be customized for every kind of project.

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