Construction Diary

The dokspace construction diary is an integral part of a dokspace platform and it is used to document the progress of a construction project with daily construction reports. With its clear structure (based upon Ö-NORM B 2110), the ease of use and the possibility of individual adaptations the construction diary is an important tool to produce a transparent documentation of a construction project and to avoid conflicts or legal actions that can occur because a lack of communication and documentation. Besides general information about the project and the personal details of the buliding owner, the construction manager and the security coordinator the construction diary can be used to collect:

  • weather, min & max temperature
  • paricipants of a visit to the construction site
  • workers and staff present on site
  • daily work effort
  • construction status
  • approvals
  • errors and aberrations
  • instructions and orders
  • plans
  • building materials and heavy tools

For visual documentation photos can be added to a daily report. The photos can be edited and reused in other partes of the platform, e.g. in meeting protocols. A central image repository allows easy image management and organisation. Also addresses can be stored as individual datasets and can be used within the daily reports. Individual templates can be used to generate printouts of daily reports. Additional infos like meeting protocols or error reports can be added to every daily report.

  • simple use
  • fully integrated into dokspace platform
  • address management
  • list of errors and aberrations
  • automated numbering of reports
  • image management
  • regular backups
  • data export
  • webbased recording of actual data
  • print preview
  • integrated user and permissions management
  • versioning of all contents
  • license is calculated based on concurrent users
  • all users can (and should have) an individual account